Casino Resorts in Kenya – Besides thrilling trails in the Kenyan wilderness the country offers some great casino resorts and racetracks too.  Visiting Kenya will keep surprising you every day. This country has so much to offer that spending two or three weeks in not even remotely close to “enough” to enjoy Kenya to the fullest.

As we are a dedicated gaming site for Kenyan visitors, it will not surprise you that in this article we will cover for you the best places to go for a bet in Kenya.  Casino resorts, racetracks and other places for those who seek a bit of gambling fun during their holidays.

Safaripark Casino hotel Nairobi

Casino Resorts Kenya

We have done some research and consulted a few sites for you that have information about Kenyan Casino resorts. Saves you a lot of Google searches! You will be able to pass some great time, whether being a local or a tourist!

  • Safari Park Hotel And Casino, Kasarani, Off Thika Road, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Resort Kenya, Parliament Road Nairobi Municipality 00100, Kenya1
  • Golden Key Casino – The Tamarind, Mombasa 80100, Kenya
  • Leisure Lodge, Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya
  • VRclub Sun Palm Beach Resort, Jacaranda Road, Watamu 80202, Kenya

The best casinos in Kenya?

Obviously we always try to give the best and most reliable information possible when it comes down to Kenyan Casinos. Having said that, we do realize that a lot of experiences come down to “personal taste”. What can be “the best casino in Kenya ever visited” for one could turn out to be a nightmare for another. Okay, maybe we are a bit exaggerating here but you get the point not?

The experience of visiting a casino in Kenya (or any other part of the world for that matter) has all the do with the circumstances of the day. You really think that a visitor at Leisure Lodge, winning $1000 has the same “feeling” as the person visiting Golden Key Casino who lost $500? No off course not. Nevertheless both player can enjoy a great experience overall in their Kenyan casino resort.

To go short, are the above recommendations the best casinos in Kenya? Yes, they are good and yes you can have a great casino experience there but if they are the best… well we leave that up to you!

Two casinos in Kenya we like to highlight

Safari Park Hotel And Casino – Nairobi

Why the Safari Park hotel and Casino in Nairobi? There are tons of reasons to chose this as one of the best Kenyan Casinos in 2019. What to think of the following:

  • Your privacy at the Paradise Casino is guaranteed as the casino is situated at the hotels own premises.
  • Top not game professional dealers will assist you at the table games and according to the website of Safari Park hotel they offer the highest payout rate in Africa.
  • With an offering of over 100 classic- and video-slots machines those seeking the thrill of winning jackpots will feel at home immediately here.
  • It is not often that Kenyan casinos offer Tai Sai (also known as Sic Bo) but here you can play it!
  • During your game-play you can enjoy a variety of local and international snacks and needless to say that the choices in the bar are endless.

Opening hours for the casino at the Safari Park Hotel:
Monday to Friday – 12.00 p.m. – 3.00 a.m.
Saturday to Sunday – 12.00 p.m. – 4.00 a.m.

Golden Key Casino – Mombasa

  • The Golden Key Casino is situated at the top floor of  The Tamarind in Mombasa in Kenya. Hence you get a spectacular view of the city of Mombasa meanwhile enjoying the games.
  • Whilst game-play is key at the Golden Key Casino there is also good attention for safety and responsibility. After all  playing a game at any casino needs to be fun and not “a must”.
  • The Casino caters for every interest as seasoned players and those who take their first steps in the casino world are welcomed at their respective level of skills and knowledge.
  • As any serious Casino in Kenya Casino the Golden Key offers a wide range of slot-machines developed by famous brands. The live table games offering consist of roulette and the card-games; blackjack, bonus card poker, 3 card poker, and pontoon.
  • With Poker still being a popular game the Golden Key offers two ‘Texas Hold Em’ Poker tables.

Like at the Safari Park Hotel the Golden Key Casino also offers enormous selection of drinks and bites to enjoy during your visit at the casino.

Opening hours for the Golden Key:
Every day – 12.00 p.m. – 5.00 a.m.